“A picture really isn’t worth a Thousand Words”

by: Saadia White

Social media is far from the Truth…The day an age of the ”ole” saying ”A picture is worth a Thousand Words” is and can be called ”Ancient Times”….The realism is that pictures are moments in time and while the picture may last forever the feelings and emotions being conveyed are the TOTAL OPPOSITE!

Our children have been captured by these moments in time that are sometimes far from being the reality that most people are living in. But yet they strive to be like these “so called” socialites not seeing through what I call a ”Beautiful Smokescreen.”

Those ”Beautiful Smokescreens “ are the very false representations of what social media represents…. A pretty picture, smiling faces, a sweet scene of a “great life.” But is it really?

Our pictures on social media don’t depict in its entirety the depths of who we are and what we are really going through.

Lets face it…Social Media has become an illusion that has caused our world to HIBERNATE on the Truth and has been a major contributor on the RISE of Mental Illness!

Mental illness that brings about anxiety, depression and somtimes even Suicide…

So lets stop allowing those ”Beautiful Smokescreens” to dictate our emotional wellbeing…

Life goes far beyond what is depicted on social media and lets face it we are more than our Pictures!

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