The Unheard Voices of Generational Survivors

By: Saadia White

In the United States, it is estimated that one in four women, one in nine men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. This violence includes physical, sexual, emotional, economic, and psychological abuse by a current or former intimate partner. But what we don’t discuss enough is the one and fifteen CHILDREN that are exposed to this violence and that according to the (NCDAV) 90% of these children are eyewitnesses to this violence. 

The impact on their mental health is just as astronomical as the victims of abuse. Children who witness abuse are more likely to experience anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. They are also more likely to engage in risky behaviors such as drinking, drugs, and promiscuous sex. There are some laws in place to protect children from being abused, but definitely not enough and there is certainly not enough being done to protect their wellness after witnessing abuse. This needs to change. Trauma can have a lasting impact on a child’s mental health and development.

These children are the generational survivors!!!

Generational survivors are those who have witnessed abuse in their homes or been abused and survived. They are the children of trauma survivors who have passed down their trauma and in some cases their resilience to their children. These children are often fearful of speaking out about what they have witnessed in their homes, but they are also incredibly resilient. Recovery is possible for these children, and they offer hope for the future.

I am one of those Generational Survivor as a child I witnessed the Vicious and Violent attacks on my mother at the hands of her abuser. I was not in a good place mentally after witnessing the brutal beatings my mom took and I also became a victim of child sex abuse at the very same hands of her abuser.

I didn’t feel whole, nor did I feel like I could trust anyone.

When I finally told what happened to me my mother really didn’t seem to acknowledge it…. As a matter of fact she flat out said she did not believe me!

So I never received any therapy and even if she had acknowledged what took place in that time therapy especially in the black community was frowned upon.

That OLE saying “What happens in the Home Stays in the Home” it was forbidden to speak out against your parents or in my case a Step one…

As a time grew and I had to confront my ugly past alone I felt ashamed, confused and had very low self esteem, I was a chronic runaway beginning at the age of 9 and I continued to runaway even as a teenager entering into many toxic relationships. Needless to say I carried that toxic behavior into my adulthood years.

It was a very difficult time for me, I never had the courage to speak about the abuse that took place all those years ago. Although the nightmare continued to replay in my mind Daily!

My journey to healing did not begin until I was well into my thirties.

I often wonder if my mother knew what my non verbal cues were maybe she would have gotten us out of there sooner….maybe we COULD have both received therapy.

I will always be thankful for finding my way back to GOD and building my own relationship with him and receiving therapy….GOD and Therapy are the two attributes I could and can not live without!!!

I’m grateful that I was able to find resilience and overcome what happened.

Today, I’m an advocate for mental and emotional wellness, and I help others who are going through similar experiences. If you’re a survivor, know that you’re not alone and that there is hope for a better future.

“A picture really isn’t worth a Thousand Words”

by: Saadia White

Social media is far from the Truth…The day an age of the ”ole” saying ”A picture is worth a Thousand Words” is and can be called ”Ancient Times”….The realism is that pictures are moments in time and while the picture may last forever the feelings and emotions being conveyed are the TOTAL OPPOSITE!

Our children have been captured by these moments in time that are sometimes far from being the reality that most people are living in. But yet they strive to be like these “so called” socialites not seeing through what I call a ”Beautiful Smokescreen.”

Those ”Beautiful Smokescreens “ are the very false representations of what social media represents…. A pretty picture, smiling faces, a sweet scene of a “great life.” But is it really?

Our pictures on social media don’t depict in its entirety the depths of who we are and what we are really going through.

Lets face it…Social Media has become an illusion that has caused our world to HIBERNATE on the Truth and has been a major contributor on the RISE of Mental Illness!

Mental illness that brings about anxiety, depression and somtimes even Suicide…

So lets stop allowing those ”Beautiful Smokescreens” to dictate our emotional wellbeing…

Life goes far beyond what is depicted on social media and lets face it we are more than our Pictures!

Are Comfortable Routines Making or Breaking Your Life? 4 Ways to Empower being Uncomfortable

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By: Saadia White “The Amazine Amazon”

Change is an Awkward Emotion to contend with, it feels weird it feels “Uncomfortable”. As natural creatures of habit we naturally gravitate to what feels most comfortable to us. We just love dwelling in our comfort zones but can living in your comfort zone be the reason why you have not climbed the corporate level of success… or your business is not where you would like it to be financially…you are having problems in your marriage or just your personal life in General???

Well, it seems as though you have “Normalized” a routine in your life, and it is called COMFORTABILITY!

People love dwelling in their comfort zones, becoming uncomfortable is not pleasing to the body and sends a signal of resistance to the brain. This mental barrier is one of the key factors as to why people do not Achieve their goals in life.

Let us talk about this for a moment; I am not against having routines, I believe it helps to build consistency through life and let us face it without implementing “Bedtime Routines” some of us who are parents would absolutely become “MAD” at the stroke of Midnight…. Umm did I say midnight I meant 9pm…LOL. However, I feel that constant routines can create a blockage or limit a person’s ability to see pass where they are in life or how far they can go.

Ask yourself this question “Am I really experiencing life or am I just going through the motions?”

If your answer was “Just going through the motion” … It is time for you to Switch up the game and get Uncomfortable!

Many successful people in life had to become willing to “Switch it up some” which brought about loads of discomfort. Face facts, you do not become successful in life by living in a comfort zone, just look at celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Anna Wintour, J.K Rowling, Jay-Z and many more.

They were willing to become Uncomfortable to achieve their goals in life… be willing to Risk people not understanding them and even going against them… Hence why they are millionaires and billionaires today.

 Canadian journalist /Author Amanda Lang talks about this in her book “The Beauty of discomfort.” She discloses that discomfort is inevitable and plays an important part in becoming successful in life.

She spoke about the unwillingness of industries such as the revolutionary Taxicab companies who for decades yielded the way consumers would get to and from without being in the capacity of others and offered a more private experience but became too comfortable and was not prepared when the more innovative UBER app came on the scene… which eventually created the extinction of the Taxicab industry.

Therefore, embracing discomfort plays an important role in our pathway towards reaching higher heights in life. Stepping into this discomfort allows us to push aside limiting beliefs and grow through the process.

Here are 4 ways to Empower being Uncomfortable.

  1. Examine your Life: Reflect on when you became Uncomfortable… What was the root cause of your discomfort? Remember determining the root cause is essential for healing to take place. What is it about the situation that has caused you so much discomfort? Knowing why the situation has caused you to become distressed is equally important as the root cause… it allows you to identify with what your triggers are.
  • Embrace the discomfort: Stop running from what is causing the discomfort in your marriage, career, etc. Confront what the problem is and make time to address those difficult conversations. Stop creating distractions, and pretending the problem is not there. Having a life that never breaks routine can become dull and boring…
  • Have an Open Mind: (Break the routine barriers) A part of embracing your discomfort is being willing and open to trying new things. A closed mind leaves no room for elevation.
  • Do not be afraid of the Unknown: not knowing what is going to happen if you take that chance can become a paralyzing feeling… You will never have all the answers to life but leaning into your faith and being spiritually lead can help.

What are some of the things you have been avoiding because of discomfort?

Do you need help with moving pass your discomfort to build a better life for yourself?

I can HELP… Join my program “The Uncomfortable You Will Build a Better You.”

Email me to set up a Strategy Session at

We All Have Been “Stuck in a Muck”

By: Saadia White “The Amazine Amazon”

Feel like you are standing still, steadily moving through life but not going anywhere? Just Stuck… Stuck in your marriage, Stuck in a friendship, relationship, Stuck in your career not seeing any progress or self development….

You are callously moving through life… your “Eyes Wide Open”, but still BLIND to the overall process of how to move through to the next phase of your journey

A journey that while on it somewhere, somehow you become stuck “STUCK IN A MUCK” is what I call this…

The definition of “STUCK” : Not going anywhere, Fixed in a particular position or unable to move or be moved…Becoming fixed or jammed in one place as a result of an obstruction

Being unable to Progress with a task or find the answer or solution to something.

Remaining in a Static condition, failing to Progress

And before you know it purpose and meaning become a forgotten memory

Self-care and personal goals are almost nonexistent.

And You have become so detached from your family, friends, co-workers …. Life in general

Does any of this resonant with you???

Well, you are certainly not alone…

A recent study by “Lifehack” found that 69% of people feel trapped in the same ole routine.

And only 3 out of 10 people are happy with their lives!!

So, what is Obstructing you? Distracting you?

Causing you to feel STUCK?

What do you need to do to become unstuck?

Let me share with you when there was a time in my life that I felt Stuck, and my life truly felt as though I were getting nowhere!

My business had come to a standstill and I truly began to RESENT Social Media…

Umm and it was not because I wasn’t receiving any attention or the “Likes” or “Love” …

I was receiving quite a bit of that, but then why did I feel as though I were no longer moving…ELEVATING??

Becoming Unstuck was not an easy task I had to first acknowledge I had a problem, that something clearly was wrong.

Often, we just continue to routinely go through life never acknowledging that we have a problem.

STUCK in a routine that has perpetually become our downfall!

After acknowledging there is a problem the next step is identifying where that Stuck zone is in your life

(the root cause of your pain) …

Is it within your personal life (marriage, health, a friendship) or career life?

Once you have identified what your Stuck zone is, it is now time for you to confront your Stuckness with a Moving into ACTION PLAN.

Your MIA plan should start with a list of the things you fully enjoyed doing before you became Stuck…

A list of all the negatives you started to feel right before you realized you were in Stuck mode…

Ask yourself these questions:

Have you built your life on other people’s premises?

Are you truly living your life for you?

What are your Strengths, Weaknesses?

Do you need an accountability coach/ trainer, mentor/ peer support to get you moving again?

Part of your (MIA plan) is to create a task list from small to big, always work small too Big.

I realized when I made my task list it was so much easier to begin with my smaller task and get those accomplished first.

 One Task at a Time…One Step at a Time

You will start to see Progress…

Progress will bring about Production and Production will lead to Results!

Remember to always find the “why” in your situation knowing your “why” will bring about a deeper connection towards yourself. You will begin to live with “INTENTION”, “FULFILLMENT”.

Two words that helped me to create boundaries around the person that mattered MOST… ME!

Another part of the (MIA plan) were looking at the areas of my life where I felt used and undervalued…

I created healthy boundaries for myself, knowing when to say No…knowing who or what I wanted to be a part of Me. My life mattered and I needed to feel that for myself!

So lastly, look at your goals…Big and Small, don’t become overwhelmed if you are not where you want to be…remember One Step, One Goal at a Time!

You didn’t get Stuck overnight and you will not get Unstuck overnight.

It is a Process…a Mindset and you have plenty of room to grow as I DID!!

Here is the fun part… but it will take some work on your behalf…

Are you Ready? Willing? To become better than what you have become?

I already know you are, and the best part is you do not have to do this alone if you so choose not to…

I can help you become a better you, become a more fulfilled and Intentional you…

All you need to take is One step forward to Activate the Superpower you possess inside of you…

Let’s schedule some time together to discuss what that life looks like for you…

I Believe in you, I believe that you have what it takes to create a better life… the best life for yourself.

No matter what, you CAN GET UNSTUCK!

Now Lets get to Work!

Just when will you take off your mask?

By Saadia White, the Amazine Amazon

I thought I removed my mask when I had a nervous breakdown. As serious as a “nervous breakdown” sounds, and it is, it was not unexpected.

  • Numerous sleepless nights turned into not sleeping at all
  • The anxiety that turned into heightened fear taking over my mind and body 

The signs, though overlooked, were the perfect recipe for disaster.

I can hear myself thinking: So now what? What do I do? I wanted to scream like one of those sirens in the middle of the sea that you see in those Hercules and Xena the Warrior Princess movies. But every time I opened my mouth nothing came out. Nothing. No sound, no voice, nothing but darkness surrounded my thoughts and my world seemed altered between what was real and what was my reality. 

I would stare into the mirror and the face staring back was unrecognizable. How could this be? I was a speaker, author, visionary and founder, not to mention my domestic roles as a wife, mother, grandmother and older sister. Those roles seemed so far away and I still couldn’t recognize the face staring back at me. 

Who was I? Had I masked for so long that my real identity became lost? “What a lovely smile you have!” They would say which led me to continually smile. I tried to smile my pain away but the PAIN was still there! Smiling was my way of masking. Who would have thunk it? Medical professionals have called this type of masking “smiling depression.”

So with 265 million people estimated to have depression (according to The World Health Organization-March 2020) are you one of them? Are you masking? Are you smiling through your depression or do you maybe know someone who is? 

Just when will you take off your mask? Don’t you think it’s time?